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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Walrus -- King of the Arctic by Miles Vernon

The legendary walrus is a majestic and graceful creature yet fierce with the heart of a lion. He glides gently through the frigid ocean, swirling as he propels deeper into the darkness. He is a king, a noble leader and of course a protector of the Arctic. He rules with an iron fist, perched upon his iceberg and wields no mercy for non-welcome enemies who invade his palace of ice. No rival dare disturb him for they no one look from his piercing eyes and that is their end. He has no need for stelth, sneak or ambush for he fights with raw power and tactics using agility and his thrashing tusks that rip through flesh. He has no need to brag or feel jealous for he is the noble and humble king. His thick blubber keeps him warm in the icy sleet, and his shaggy hazel colored coat makes him bold in the whiteness of the blizzard. He is a friend of the sea and of the humans. He is powerful but modest, brave but generous, and kind but realistic. He is gentle but to the point, educated but thoughtful, and valorous but caring. He is a role model for many religions, societies and life forms. Wouldn't life be easier if we all praised the Walrus?

by Miles Vernon

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