Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adventures of comics and concept art (ANGRY BIRDS)

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  • For the people not informed, angry birds is a app on iphone, ipad or ipod touch. The story tells of a group of very protective birds whose eggs get stolen by the greedy green pigs. The location is in grasslands where the motherly sweet kind birds care for their eggs by keeping them warm with straw and tinder. While the birds are beating up a butterfly that they feel could harm their eggs the pigs sneak up behind them with stealth and ambush the eggs. At first you feel bad for the birds when the pigs start to cook their eggs in a frying pan with dripping tongues and smirking faces, but soon you realize the pigs mested with the wrong ANGRY BIRDS. Play over hundreds of levels to become victorious and get the eggs back. Test your aim and use the sling shot to launch the birds into the battle field and hit the pigs and their elaborate castles and manors made of stone, glass, and wood. Dont let these cute little birds fool you, under those fluffy little red feathers a beast if waiting to be unleashed.

Hundreds of action pack puzzle level

Up to seven different various birds with unique abilities made to smash through the pig's castles

Plus, More Games by Rovio, Angry Bird Seasons and Angry Bird Rio

Want to check out the Angry Bird Rovio Home Page?

Click HERE to see it.

Or, check out Angry Bird YouTube videos

ANGRY BIRDS The App Trailer

ANGRY BIRDS The Angry Bird Mighty Eagle Intro

ANGRY BIRDS The Seasonal Special


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Angry Birds Concept Art: Zombie Birds

Gruesome and Action Packed! Zombies are awesome enough but Angry Bird Zombies!!! Looks like the pigs have to be afraid of a whole new enemy.

Angry Birds Concept Art: Trapped Pig

This poor pig lost his troop in a deep dark maze. In the underground labyrinth the bats are scary but it looks like he has a new pair of eyes on him

Angry Birds Concept Art: Batman Special

It's a bird, it's a plane, no look it's batman... Kind of... Look out superheroes there is a new sheriff in town. These Super Angry Birds might look normal but these guys defeat twice the pig crime.

Angry Birds Concept Art: Stare Down

Holy Angry Birds! The Angry Birds just got awesomeificated! Sketchy, fierce, and tough as nails, this art just shows you the pigs big mistake.


Under that cute little beak a tyrant of schemes are being prepared. I thought the Angry Birds only goal was ANGRY! But it turns out they have a few more thoughts. But the bigger question is what are those pigs thinking... taking eggs away from those crazy birds?

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